Revenue Heroes Episode #2: Rob Reznick, Head of Finance

Welcome to the second episode of our series, The Rise of Revenue HeroesLast episode we spoke with Rob Castaneda from ServiceRocket. We explored how automation and transparency can be helpful for customer experience. This episode we’ll be taking another view on how Revenue Heroes drive transformation in human work, from the vantage point of a multi-term finance leader, Rob Reznick.

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Revenue Heroes Episode #1: Rob Castaneda, ServiceRocket

Welcome to the first of our Revenue Hero series, where we sit down with individuals who have taken Accounts Receivable (AR) automation and championed it within their company to modernize their finance back office. These are the change makers we have seen from our side of the AR automation story, bringing disruption not only to the way cash flow is managed, but also to the way a company operates internally to holistically approach the customer experience.

Our first interview is with Rob Castaneda, CEO of ServiceRocket. To download this interview in case study form, click here.

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The Rise of Revenue Heroes

“It looks like they just closed off another super impressive quarter. I just finished a check in call with them, and I could hear the delight in their voices.”

Namgyal Schaaf, our Director of Customer Success, was reporting on product usage trends during our weekly team meeting. He couldn’t help but remark on one of our customers, who had exceeded their aggressive year-end collections forecast by 40 percent. In monetary terms, it was four million dollars.

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