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Nicole Dwyer is Chief Product Officer for YayPay, bringing more than 10 years’ experience in accounts payable and receivable technology to ensure YayPay continues to meet the needs of its customers. Having spent her entire career in commercial payments, Nicole understands high- and low-value payment systems, the complexities of how businesses pay and get paid, and has worked with distributed teams spanning the globe. She is a graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Residing in Pennsylvania with her husband, daughter, and son, they spend their time outdoors and creating new adventures.
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Creating Aging Reports Manually? It’s Time for Automation

While hefty projected receivables amounts might look nice in terms of “money that will be coming in,” you can’t exactly pay your company’s bills with unpaid invoices.

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Look to the Cloud for Effective AR Management

It’s always astounding to me when I come across companies with aging AR that are not taking advantage of technology, especially when it comes to pushing their processes to the cloud to lessen their days sales outstanding (DSO).

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A Brief History of Accounts Receivable

For most businesses today, giving yourself an edge is critical. Allowing your clients terms when it comes to when and how they pay for goods and services is an excellent way to give your business an edge.  Yes, we will be talking about accounts receivable.  In this article, we’ll explore its history starting from ancient Mesopotamia to Excel to AR Automation today.

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