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Jazzy Zhu is the Senior Marketing Manager at YayPay, an automated accounts receivable solution that makes AR management fast, easy, and highly predictable. In her role, Jazzy launches lead generation campaigns, implements branding strategies, and supports partner marketing initiatives; she also manages operations and internal processes in support of the YayPay culture and corporate experience. With more than eight years’ experience working with businesses in operations and marketing, Jazzy specializes in helping businesses establish brand presence, analyze and target markets, and implement uptake and engagement strategies. She has a MBA and a MS in Foreign Service from Georgetown University.
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Be Careful About Extending Credit To Just Anyone

All business owners have their sights set on growing small businesses into big ones. To do that, they need to lock down as many customers and drive as many sales as they possibly can.

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Get Out of the Banking Business & Start Doing AR Management Right

In an ideal world, every single one of your customers would pay you on time—if not ahead of schedule.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Receivables Performance

Running a successful and balanced accounts receivable department can be a tall order. In fact, many companies feel helpless when it comes to collecting payments on time. This is due to the fact that more than one out of every three invoices an average business sends out are paid late.

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Receivables Turnover versus Days Sales Outstanding

Tracking performance of an Accounts Receivable team is done, in part, by assessing key performance indicators (KPIs). Since cash flow is necessary for operations, collecting what’s owed to your organization is a vital activity.

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YayPay is a Tech Tank Finalist at ConnectWise Automation Nation 2018

It’s not every day that we get a chance to showcase our intellectual capital and knowledge at a big event in front of tons of peers … but that’s exactly what YayPay is vying for on June 19.

YayPay is one of three finalists at ConnectWise Tech Tank Automation Nation 2018, June 18-20, 2018, in Orlando, FL. Tech Tank is a contest giving innovative developers the chance to live out their ideas on a big platform in an effort to inspire others, build a stronger ecosystem, and integrate with ConnectWise software to create a powerful solution.

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5 Best Practices in Collections for AR Management

The sooner your organization gets paid, the faster you can invest the money you’re paid into growing your business. On the other hand, when customer payments are slow to come in, you may experience significant cash flow problems that can make it much harder to achieve your business objectives.

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Automated AR Systems & ERP Suites: A Match Made in Heaven

From eliminating redundant tasks and busywork to streamlining processes to improving forecasting across the organization, enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions provide companies with a wealth of benefits. ERP systems store all sorts of data that’s relevant throughout the organization in one central repository, making it easier for business units to find the information they need.

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YayPay to Exhibit at NACM: 5 Tips to Enhance Your Experience

For many professions, including credit, collections, banking and others, it’s conference and trade show season, which means you’ll probably attend one or more events over the summer. The largest conference in the credit and collection industry, the NACM Credit Congress and Expo, is coming up on June 10-13 in Phoenix, and YayPay is excited to attend and support the show. 

YayPay will be exhibiting at this year’s NACM show, demonstrating our new payments module – and giving away money…that’s right, we are drawing a card to give away $500 to a lucky individual who stops by our booth during the show, so come see us at Booth #140 while you’re there. 

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