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Jazzy Zhu is the Senior Marketing Manager at YayPay, an automated accounts receivable solution that makes AR management fast, easy, and highly predictable. In her role, Jazzy launches lead generation campaigns, implements branding strategies, and supports partner marketing initiatives; she also manages operations and internal processes in support of the YayPay culture and corporate experience. With more than eight years’ experience working with businesses in operations and marketing, Jazzy specializes in helping businesses establish brand presence, analyze and target markets, and implement uptake and engagement strategies. She has a MBA and a MS in Foreign Service from Georgetown University.
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2 Strategies from Sales for Accounts Receivable Professionals

We’ve long known that once a sale is made, the customer experience continues into implementation and support, and later into the invoicing and collections process. That means the skill sets of successful sales representatives can also be helpful for AR and collections professionals.

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YayPay Levels Up Customer Experience with Bi-directional Salesforce Integration

In your company, who is responsible for managing customer relationships?

Everyone customer-facing.

Whether you are on the finance, sales, or customer success team, anyone who impacts customer relationships should have easy and real-time access to their customer account details. These are simply best practices

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Revenue Heroes Episode #2: Rob Reznick, Head of Finance

Welcome to the second episode of our series, The Rise of Revenue HeroesLast episode we spoke with Rob Castaneda from ServiceRocket. We explored how automation and transparency can be helpful for customer experience. This episode we’ll be taking another view on how Revenue Heroes drive transformation in human work, from the vantage point of a multi-term finance leader, Rob Reznick.

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Calling All Revenue Heroes: Unite with YayPay at SuiteWorld 2019

Attending SuiteWorld in Las Vegas this year? So are we!

The YayPay team will be at SuiteWorld 2019, Grow Beyond the Status Quo, to share what we have learned from our Revenue Heroes on modernizing the finance back office. Joining us will be Rob Reznick, a FinTech advisor with multiple finance leadership roles, and Jeff Davis, SVP of Corporate Accounting at MediaMath.

As a Silver Sponsor, YayPay is hosting several events to celebrate Revenue Heroes: YOU!

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Revenue Heroes Episode #1: Rob Castaneda, ServiceRocket

Welcome to the first of our Revenue Hero series, where we sit down with individuals who have taken Accounts Receivable (AR) automation and championed it within their company to modernize their finance back office. These are the change makers we have seen from our side of the AR automation story, bringing disruption not only to the way cash flow is managed, but also to the way a company operates internally to holistically approach the customer experience.

Our first interview is with Rob Castaneda, CEO of ServiceRocket. To download this interview in case study form, click here.

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The Rise of Revenue Heroes

“It looks like they just closed off another super impressive quarter. I just finished a check in call with them, and I could hear the delight in their voices.”

Namgyal Schaaf, our Director of Customer Success, was reporting on product usage trends during our weekly team meeting. He couldn’t help but remark on one of our customers, who had exceeded their aggressive year-end collections forecast by 40 percent. In monetary terms, it was four million dollars.

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Optimize Your ERP to Work for You

If your company is thinking of displacing your ERP due to specific functionality gaps, pause! These gaps may not be an issue with the ERP at all, but a need for enhancement, a positive shift from back office inefficiencies and the lack of live clarity into the health of your collections business.

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YayPay Takes the ParityPledge for Equal Representation

Fact: According to The World Economic Forum's 2017 Global Gender Gap Report, if we continue at the rate that we are going, the gender gap would not be closed until the year 2234. 

Also fact: According to Cook Ross Inc., companies with the best record for promoting women outperformed industry revenue average by 46 percent.

Startups are notably difficult grounds for women founding companies and joining the workforce. This is especially so in fintech. As a fintech startup, we know that these are more than a matter statistics. Within our company, we know very presently that diversity has been tangibly beneficial to not just our performance, but our everyday interactions coming into the office and working together. However, we've also been aware just how much more room there is to improve. That's why YayPay has taken the ParityPledge to become part of the change toward gender parity in the workplace. Our founders are committed to creating a company with a workplace culture that encourages diversity, inclusion, and transparency. We hire and promote leaders that further this belief that all of our employees should feel safe bringing their whole self to work, and feel empowered to pursue growth uninhibited by aspects of their identity. 

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