2 Strategies from Sales for Accounts Receivable Professionals

We’ve long known that once a sale is made, the customer experience continues into implementation and support, and later into the invoicing and collections process. That means the skill sets of successful sales representatives can also be helpful for AR and collections professionals.

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Why Predicting the Future Makes for Intelligent Accounts Receivables

Despite many examples of successful Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in the finance industry, the back office is still forgotten. Credit and collection professionals still spend a lot of time and effort in manual and mundane work. We designed YayPay to have predictive capabilities with the goal of leveraging AI to bring process improvements and insight to free the back office. 

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Bending Your Credit Policy to Gain a Customer

At one time or another, nearly every business owner has come across this issue: should you modify your company’s credit policy in order to gain – or retain – a customer? Let’s take a look at several pros and cons and then a few examples of when bending your credit policy is worth the risk.

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YayPay Levels Up Customer Experience with Bi-directional Salesforce Integration

In your company, who is responsible for managing customer relationships?

Everyone customer-facing.

Whether you are on the finance, sales, or customer success team, anyone who impacts customer relationships should have easy and real-time access to their customer account details. These are simply best practices

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Revenue Heroes Episode #2: Rob Reznick, Head of Finance

Welcome to the second episode of our series, The Rise of Revenue HeroesLast episode we spoke with Rob Castaneda from ServiceRocket. We explored how automation and transparency can be helpful for customer experience. This episode we’ll be taking another view on how Revenue Heroes drive transformation in human work, from the vantage point of a multi-term finance leader, Rob Reznick.

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Calling All Revenue Heroes: Unite with YayPay at SuiteWorld 2019

Attending SuiteWorld in Las Vegas this year? So are we!

The YayPay team will be at SuiteWorld 2019, Grow Beyond the Status Quo, to share what we have learned from our Revenue Heroes on modernizing the finance back office. Joining us will be Rob Reznick, a FinTech advisor with multiple finance leadership roles, and Jeff Davis, SVP of Corporate Accounting at MediaMath.

As a Silver Sponsor, YayPay is hosting several events to celebrate Revenue Heroes: YOU!

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Accounts Receivable Acronyms for Reference

Whether you’re new to accounts receivable (AR) and collections or a bit more seasoned, it’s a good idea to brush up on some of the more commonly used acronyms. How many of these do you already know? Are there others your peers should know about? If so, leave us a comment below and we’ll add your suggestions to this list.

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Revenue Heroes Episode #1: Rob Castaneda, ServiceRocket

Welcome to the first of our Revenue Hero series, where we sit down with individuals who have taken Accounts Receivable (AR) automation and championed it within their company to modernize their finance back office. These are the change makers we have seen from our side of the AR automation story, bringing disruption not only to the way cash flow is managed, but also to the way a company operates internally to holistically approach the customer experience.

Our first interview is with Rob Castaneda, CEO of ServiceRocket. To download this interview in case study form, click here.

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